Drug Purchases’s analysis for COVID-19 treatment in Rio Grande do Sul





Objective: To evaluate quantities and costs of drug purchases related to COVID-19 treatment by regional governments under the Tribunal de Contas do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul (TCE-RS). Methods: A cross sectional study whose data collection was carried out in accordance with the data registered in the LicitaCon system of TCE-RS until September 29, 2020. The purchase processes of the pharmaceutical products hydroxychloroquine, chloroquine, ivermectin, nitazoxanide, vitamin D, vitamin C and zinc were analyzed in more detail. Results: There were 5,299 purchase processes registered on LicitaCon. Two hundred and fifty cases contained medications, of which 232 were analyzed, for only these met the study’s inclusion criteria. At least one of the aforementioned pharmaceutical products was found in 142 (61.2%) of the analyzed cases. Resulting in a total amount of $ 661.913,52 for the analyzed processes. The most purchased drug was ivermectin, present in 80 of the acquisitions, adding up to $ 241.794,81. The municipality of Garruchos, with an estimated population of 2,886, spent $ 6,858 per inhabitant for the obtainment of ivermectin, consuming a total of $ 19.796,06. Conclusions: The use of such pharmaceutical products for COVID-19 goes against the current available scientific evidence, the recommendations of WHO, the Rational Use of Medicines and Evidence-Based Health.



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