Evaluation of pharmaceutical clinical interventions in the ICU of a public hospital of Santa Catarina


  • Danielle Dias
  • Luiz Paulo de Lemos Wiese
  • Eduardo Manoel Pereira
  • Fernando Miano Fernandes




Objectives: This study aimed to analyze the profile of pharmaceutical clinical interventions performed concurrently with the medical prescription evaluation service. Methods: This is a cross-sectional, prospective and observational study conducted at the General Intensive Care Unit of a public hospital in Santa Catarina, Brazil, with 8 beds in full occupation. The study included 54 patients hospitalized from February to July 2017. Included in the study were medical prescriptions and pharmaceutical interventions recorded in the electronic medical record of patients of both genders of any race, origin, age and pathology. Medical prescriptions and pharmaceutical interventions that did not belong to the hospitalization unit studied and the study period were excluded from the study. Results: A total of 499 medical prescriptions belonging to 54 patients (48%), male patients (68%), hypertensive patients (27%), diabetic patients (22%) and polytrauma patients (13%) were analyzed. Of the prescriptions analyzed, 91.1% had a need for pharmaceutical intervention with a total of 64.2% acceptance. The main drug-related problems were drug interaction (40%), potential adverse effect (28%) and need for dose adjustment (13%). The classes of drugs that most needed intervention were analgesics (23%), cardiovascular (14%) and antimicrobials (13%). Conclusions: In assessing clinical pharmaceutical interventions as a benefit in addition to critical care in the Intensive Care Unit we emphasize the percentage of acceptance of pharmaceutical interventions (64%), mostly those involving increased risk for adverse effects and drug interactions, thus contributing to the prevention of complications.


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Dias D, Wiese LP de L, Pereira EM, Fernandes FM. Evaluation of pharmaceutical clinical interventions in the ICU of a public hospital of Santa Catarina. Rev Bras Farm Hosp Serv Saude [Internet]. 2018Sep.30 [cited 2024Feb.25];9(3):e093.005. Available from: https://rbfhss.org.br/sbrafh/article/view/326




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