Case-based learning for teaching pharmacology to pharmacy students




Objective: To evaluate the use of Case-Based Learning as a pharmacology learning method for pharmacy students at a Brazilian public university. Methods: A qualitative/quantitative study with pharmacy students enrolled in a pharmacology course using Case-Based Learning. A clinical case and a focus group were used to analyze the cognitive outcomes, as well as a questionnaire based on the Likert scale to evaluate students’ perception of the methodology. Results. From the 45 pharmacy undergraduate students invited, 33 agreed to participate in the study. Most of participants presented good academic performance related to knowledge acquisition, application and conviction during the application of a clinical case, with or without the bibliography support. They also reported a positive overall impression of Case-Based Learning and reported that this learning method should be applied as a teaching methodology in other subjects. Conclusion: Case-based Learning showed a positive effect on the cognitive level and students’ acceptability evaluated.


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MEIRA MB, MAIOLI EC, SOUZA RM, CAMARGO MS, MISTRO S. Case-based learning for teaching pharmacology to pharmacy students. Rev Bras Farm Hosp Serv Saude [Internet]. 2022Sep.5 [cited 2022Sep.28];13(3):775. Available from: