What has changed in hospital pharmaceutical services in a health region in Distrito Federal (Brazil) three years after the initial diagnosis?





Objective: To reevaluate the services of Hospital Pharmacy (HP) of two public hospitals in Distrito Federal (DF-Brazil) in a perspective of temporal comparison three years after the initial situational diagnosis. Method: A cross-sectional study was carried out involving two large general hospitals coordinated by the same superintendency of Health Department of the DF (SES-DF) and whose pharmaceutical services were evaluated at the end of 2016. Data were collected again in January 2020 and the HP were characterized as its area, functioning and human resources and evaluated considering structure and process indicators referring to managerial and assistance pharmaceutical services. Then, the HP were reevaluated by applying the scoring algorithm based on the identification of mandatory, nonmandatory and undesirable characteristics and the approximation percentages of service compliance were calculated and compared to the ideal. The HP were also evaluated for their support in risk management. Results: The scoring algorithm made it possible to verify that the two HP showed an improvement in the percentage of service compliance in relation to the ideal. In HP1, the percentage increase was in response to a greater presentation of mandatory items from the selection, information and teaching and research components. In HP2, distribution and management services weighed positively. There was also an important evolution in the perspective of activities to support risk management and patient safety. This general improvement occurred without a structural improvement and in the number of human resources in terms of the proportion of pharmacist per bed. Conclusions: The results suggest an improvement in services despite maintaining the inadequacy of the area and the number of pharmaceutical professionals and highlight the importance of adapting practices and constant monitoring of services with a view to making services more qualified and safer and having a positive impact on terms of adding value to the processes given the demands of internal and external actors.


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BARBOSA SILVA MR, SANTANA RS, CARDOSO-ALVES BM, LIMA RF. What has changed in hospital pharmaceutical services in a health region in Distrito Federal (Brazil) three years after the initial diagnosis?. Rev Bras Farm Hosp Serv Saude [Internet]. 2021Jun.15 [cited 2024Apr.21];12(2):609. Available from: https://rbfhss.org.br/sbrafh/article/view/609